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Posted by Oakland Dreadlocks on April 20, 2018

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Oakland Dreadlocks is a dreadlocks salon services review site allowing you to receive services in Oakland, California as follows:

  • starting dreadlocks
  • dreadlocks for women
  • dreadlock extensions
  • dreadlock braids
  • dreadlocks maintenance
  • sister locs
  • dreadlocks hairstyle
  • dreadlocks for men
  • dreadlocks repair
  • dreadlocks updos
  • dreadlocks twists

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Need an Oakland dreadlocks stylist in the San Francisco East Bay, California?

Finding out whether you need a Oakland dreadlocks stylist is a bit more hard to determine than the simple issue of how to find one and how to interact with one once it is determined. And yet this is of course the most important issue of all, relating to the whole process, since rather than being informational this is of course a personal issue relating to how much of a need you believe you have for one in general.

There are a few different aspect to determining whether an Oakland dreadlocks stylist is right for you.

The first is obviously whether you think you would appreciate dreadlocks at all. There is no real easy way to determine this. Dreadlocks are appropriate for most anyone with any lifestyle. If you feel you would appreciate their style you are obviously the target market of looking for them. If you are not sure for yourself, you could ask family or friends whether they think they would suit you, or even do a personal or professional mockup showing you with them. You can even try to find pictures of those who look similar to you who have them, and see whether it is a good fit. You can find images or a hairstylist’s website may be a good source for these.

When you select the right stylist that specializes in Oakland dreadlocks, your decision to get starter dreadlocks is an easy one to make.

The next aspect is to determine whether going to a stylist is right for you. Obviously if you want to have a certain complex hairstyle, then how you get it is determined by the limitation of places it can be received. If neither you, nor anyone willing can do it then a dreadlocks stylist or an Oakland loctician may be the obvious choice.

But what if you have more options?

Some things which are important when you start Oakland dreadlocks is the fact that a professional dreadlocks stylist may, by virtue of having more experience, be more skilled at locking your hair than someone who does not work as a Oakland dreadlocks stylist.

Certainly your hair is no small matter to have look as good as possible, even for yourself, much less social concerns, so it is an important consideration when it comes to paying for quality.

Only a professional Oakland dreadlocks stylist will give you that tight dreadlocks look that you deserve.

Oakland Locktician

oakland dreadlocks stylist loctician


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Oakland Dreadlocks – How to Hire the Best

Finding the right stylist is an easy process, if you know the right questions to ask…

Word of mouth is always the best indication of a good Oakland dreadlocks stylist, so first ask any friends or family you have with dreadlocks.

If they do not know anyone, try researching online forums. There are many dreadlocks forums that will let members review or advertise their services. If you can not find anything specific to your area, try looking through beauticians and stylists in your area. Then do some detective work. Call around the Oakland dreadlocks studios you are considering and ask to speak with someone about the dreadlocks process. Find out how long they have been deadlocking and ask them if they have any references.

Satisfied Oakland dreadlocks customers are good advertising, so a good stylists is usually willing to put you in touch with current and former dreadlocks customers. The Oakland dreadlocks stylist may even allow you to come in and meet some of their repeat clients who come in for maintenance on their dreads. You can speak with them about their experience, as well as get an idea about the dreadlocking process.

Smart Questions to Ask Your Loctician in Oakland

Find out what methods the Oakland dreadlocks loctician likes to use for your specific hair type. This is extremely important; different types of hair require different methods, and your stylist should have experience with your specific hair type. If you are uncertain about your hair texture, make an appointment to stop in, so the stylist can look and then better answer your questions about the dreadlocking technique.

You may find some stylists prefer working with only one type of hair. If this is the case, they may be able to refer you to someone who has more experience with your hair texture. Do not be shy when it comes to your hair type. If you are talking on the phone, then early in the conversation you should inform the Oakland dreadlocks stylist of your hair texture. Your Oakland dreadlock stylist will be very open with you about what to expect, the stages of the process, and also about what kind of upkeep and maintenance you can anticipate.

Oakland dreadlocks will not look perfect overnight. There is a period of tightening during which the individual dreadlocks will knot up more, causing your hair to seem much shorter. It is not uncommon for someone with waist length hair to have their dreads only reach just past their shoulders, once fully knotted.

Talk to your Oakland dreadlocks stylist about what kind of shrinkage to expect, and about the various stages of growth as they knot.

Make sure to tell your Oakland loctician about any chemical processes you have had recently, so they know if there is any existing damage that may cause more breakage.

There are also several different styles of dreadlocks that have been created such as

  • Coiled Dreadlocks
  • Wrapped Dreadlocks
  • Backcombed Dreadlocks

Each one has a distinct look and a different method, so it is important to make sure your dreadlocks stylist and you agree about the type and shape that works for you.

One style may be more conducive to your own hair’s texture or more suitable to hair with pre-existing damage to minimize further breakage.

If your Oakland dreadlocks stylist of choice suggests a newer type, ask to see pictures so you are aware of the differences and can make an informed decision.

Be sure to tell your Oakland dreadlocks stylist if you plan to dye or process your hair once the dreadlocks are in, so she or he can tell you how to avoid potential breakage.

How much do Oakland Dreadlocks Cost?

dreadlocks oakland

Do you have a fast paced lifestyle that you do not want to have to take time out of to work on your hair?

Oakland dreadlocks pricing will always factor into your decision, but do not make the rookie mistake of going with someone just because they are the cheapest. Unlike coloring your hair or a subtle cut to change your style, dreadlocks that are improperly started will never look right, and you will risk having to shave them off (or cut them off), leaving you with very short hair.

The Oakland dreadlocks stylist you choose may charge by the hour or have a flat rate based on your hair type, length and thickness. It is always a smart idea to price out your options, but do not let a few dollars sway you from the stylist with the most experience and better references. Or you might end up with a dreadlocks disaster.


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How to Avoid the Pitfalls in Buying Oakland Dreadlocks

No matter what type of hair you have, professionally managed dreadlocks can be the style statement for which you seek. Dreadlocks are a natural hair style and require very little maintenance once you have your Oakland dreadlocks decently rolled. Hiring a professional to get you started with dreadlocks in Oakland and in order to maintain your locks, it is always best to proceed with a professional.

The Oakland Dreadlocks Salon has years of experience with this bold and unique style. So you will have no worries knowing where and how to find the top stylist specializing in Oakland Dreadlocks.

First of all, growing dreadlocks requires a certain level of commitment. Unlike braids or rows, they cannot be removed easily, and even if they are the hair is not in the same condition as it began. A strait haired individual has two options to get started. The first, and less invasive option is to back-comb and wax the hair. This involves locking the hair in patches and alternately rubbing dread wax, which is commonly a natural form of beeswax, while using a strong metal comb to brush against the grain of the locks in order to tangle them up and allow them to matte and nap together into even and well defined dreadlocks. While this may be accomplished at a low cost, it is often very messy and not recommended because the bee’s wax attracts dirt and grime and is generally unattractive in appearance and even smell. Most people nowadays recommend Oakland dreadlocks that are done by a professional in order to accomplish a polished, even refined look. Ratty looking dreads are cheap and easy, but well rolled locks require a skilled touch.

Another, more involved solution is to purchase a Dread Perm. This is best done at a salon, as the home kits often cannot achieve the professional grade results you are looking for. This process requires the use of chemical treatments to first frizz the hair in order to make it suitable for proper locks, and then a following treatment to put the conditioned hair into their respective locks. After they have been professionally done, there is very little maintenance required to keep your dreads looking sharp and neat. It is recommended that you follow up with your salon every six months, and use tightening spray as desired.

Dread perms are also not recommended as a natural hair care solution.

History of Oakland Dreadlocks

Question: Were dreadlocks invented in Oakland?

Answer: No. Dreadlocks were at one time thought to be exclusive to the Rastafarian movement and often held as a spiritual connection to their religious beliefs. We now know that many different cultures wore their hair in dreadlocks, and for many different reasons.

Today, dreadlocks have gained acceptance as both a spiritual and a stylistic trend, with more and more people interested in wearing Oakland dreadlocks.

Dreadlocks, also referred to as “dreads” are simply coils of hair that maintain their shape traditionally through matting and knotting. Their size, how many a person wears, and how they are created all vary greatly from one person to another.

Different hair textures make Oakland dreadlocks easier or more difficult to initiate, and thus may require different methods of introducing them.

Contrary to popular belief, Oakland dreadlocks are not dirty, or simply the result of not combing one’s hair. Dreadlocks require care and maintenance, and can be washed frequently, with some special consideration given to soap and the condition of them.

Starting dreadlocks usually involves the process of backcombing, but alternative methods are available for those whose hair texture is coarser, and it is absolutely essential that you have your Oakland dreadlocks rolled by someone who has the knowledge and expertise required.

Hair stylists with experience in deadlocking will be able to best gauge what process will work best for your individual hair’s texture, with a minimal amount of damage. Poorly done, or incorrectly done dreads that utilize waxes, glues and other “home made” methods can cause the hair to have extensive damage, breakage and even mildew! Home rolled dreadlocks can end up costing more because if your Oakland dreadlocks start to mildew then you will have to cut them off. By going to a professional, you will get the results you want, without the damage and in some cases may be able to have them removed, without having to cut them out in the event you decide on a change somewhere down the line.

It may sound quirky, but if you are ready to have your dreadlocks taken out, your Oakland dreadlocks stylist can remove your locks and help you preserve them for later when you want to go back to your Oakland dreadlocks look.

Most stylists will advise that you avoid shampoos with certain chemicals, or heavy waxes, while other endorse them. Some people prefer to go the all natural route (sometimes called the patience method), but even this requires the initial know-how to encourage them to start, and your stylist will be able to educate you on what natural products will work for cleaning and maintaining them. What you and your stylist decide will ultimately be based on your hair type, your desired results, and your Oakland dreadlocks stylist’s methods, which is why experience is so key to your dreadlock success.

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